Assisted Living

Many of the house calls we make are not in a house at all, but rather at senior living communities. Our services are designed to help chronically ill geriatric patients access the care they need when and where they need it. We help patients live healthier lives, and help our assisted and independent living partners thrive.

Just a few reasons facilities like to use Physician Housecalls:

Optimize Occupancy

  • Attract residents and their families with easy access to the best in comprehensive medical care – all delivered onsite.
  • Reduce attrition from unnecessary medical crises by taking a proactive and preventive approach to care.
  • Keep beds full and put an end to the revolving door of residents being admitted and readmitted to the hospital.

Improve Coordination of Care

  • Utilize home health agencies and hospice services more efficiently.
  • Interface directly with clinicians who have firsthand knowledge and experience with residents at each facility.
  • Receive signed visit notes, orders and prescriptions within 24 hours of the visit note being completed, reducing compliance risk and enabling staff to immediately implement orders. Orders can be faxed directly to the facility by the prescribing practitioner, often on the same day as the visit.

Reduce Costs

  • Eliminate the high cost of transportation to and from physician appointments and limit liability by keeping residents comfortable in their residence.
  • Increase staff productivity by having a single point of contact for medication orders, signatures, medical appointments and coordination of lab work, imaging and testing.
  • Schedule multiple provider visits in a single day to maximize efficiency and daily scheduling.

Receive Meaningful Care

  •  Eliminate exposure to other sick patients in conventional waiting rooms.
  • Establish stronger connections between patients and their physician. We do not have time limits on appointments. Clinicians and the Physician Housecalls support staff are available 24/7 by phone and email for in-depth conversations.
  • Allow caregivers and families to spend more quality time with their loved ones by eliminating issues of coordination, travel and stress.
  • Streamline efficiency by having an individualized facility protocol regarding care and communication developed in conjunction with Physician Housecalls.