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Partner with Physician Housecalls for Superior Geriatric Primary Care

Patient Convenience

Reduce the need for chronically ill, elderly patients to leave their residence in order to be seen by a physician.

Physician Orders

Augment the work of senior living and home health nurses with on-site physician orders.

Transition Care

Reduce hospital readmissions by incorporating Physician Housecalls into transition care plans.

Our Services

Care Plan Oversight

We supervise patients under the care of home health agencies or hospices to develop and/or revise care plans, review patient status reports, laboratory and other studies, communicate with other health professionals, integrate new information into the care plan and/or adjust medical therapy.

Transitional Care Management

We visit and communicate with the patient within 7-14 days of hospital discharge to prevent rehospitalization during the period the patient is most vulnerable. In fact, a recent 30-day study of 360 patients found 96% of Physician Housecalls patients avoided readmission to the hospital.

Chronic Care Management

In addition to geriatric primary care services, we oversee patients with chronic conditions. This can include phone calls or virtual visits to check on patient status, frequent adjustments of the care plan or other services to help maintain stability in the patient’s condition.

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