Physician Housecalls, a home-based primary care provider specializing in services for elderly patients, will be able to help more patients following a change in Medicare’s rules.

Previously, Medicare required providers to document reasons they could not travel to a clinical setting before approving Physician Housecalls’ services. Under the new rule, patients and their caregivers may simply choose home-based care.

“This is exciting news for anyone who prefers the convenience of having trained medical professionals come to where they live, rather than having to drive or find other transportation to important medical appointments,” said Physician Housecalls CEO Hank Ross. “It also means spouses or other caregivers of our patients could use our services. We think this is great news for our patients, and it will ultimately save Medicare money by improving patient outcomes.”

These rule changes apply only to Medicare patients, excluding people on Medicare Advantage plans. People who use private insurance are also not affected.

Physician Housecalls accepts Medicare, Medicaid, private pay and most major insurance plans. For more information about Physician Housecalls or to make an appointment, call 405-896-8058 or visit