Our Care

Physician Housecalls provides primary care services, just like physicians and mid-level providers in clinics everywhere.  Our typical patient has multiple chronic disease diagnoses and requires frequent monitoring to be able to remain in the home setting, whether in a private residence or an assisted living center.  In addition to making face-to-face visits, our physicians and other clinical staff also provide a broad range of services.

Services Offered

Care Plan Oversight (CPO) – Supervision of patients under the care of home health agencies or hospices to develop and/or revise care plans, review reports of patient status, review of laboratory and other studies, communication with other health professionals, integration of new information into the care plan, and/or adjustment of medical therapy.

Transitional Care Management – Communication and visits with the patient within 7-14 days of discharge from the hospital. This service is designed to prevent re-hospitalization during the time frame that the patient is most vulnerable.

Chronic Care Management – Additional oversight of patients with chronic conditions; can include phone calls to check on patient status, frequent adjustments of the care plan or other services to help maintain stability in the patient’s condition.

While Physician Housecalls does not directly provide laboratory or x-ray services, we work with providers of these services in the area to go to the patient’s residence to obtain these studies.

Physician Visits and Assessments

  • Routine primary care visits
  • Acute illness visits
  • Post-hospitalization and post-skilled nursing facility visits
  • Disease management visits
  • Care plan oversite of home health nurses and hospice
  • Wound care visits
  • Dementia assessments

Other Services

  • Decubitus ulcer care and debridement
  • Tracheostomy tube changes
  • Gastrostomy tube changes
  • Joint Injections
  • Vaccinations/Flu shots
  • Laboratory services, including blood draws
  • X-rays (done by a service outside PHC)

I thank God every day for you all. Between health issues and family issues, I don’t know what I would do if I had to get transportation to and from doctor appointments. It’s a life-saver.

Cynthia | Oklahoma City